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December 3, 2020by sevens

Did you hear? Green is the new black! Sustainable living practices are on the rise now as more Singaporeans become more concerned about the environment we live in. From reducing the use of single-use plastics to recycling their old clothes, Singaporeans have been adopting more green measures to play their part in combating global warming. Similarly, more Singaporean families have been steering towards buying or designing a home that now fits their greener lifestyle. Here are some sustainable living practices you can adopt for your home.

Quality Beats Quantity

Invest more in quality products than buying products that are ‘green’. While bamboo walls and having an ‘eco-friendly’ appliance may appear to be sustainable, investing in good quality materials and appliances that can last for years and years can be much greener. This is because having a zero-carbon footprint home isn’t just solar panels and plants. You also need to consider how it was built. 

Dining Area

While the Scandinavian countries are seen as the leaders in sustainable living practices, importing a table made of sustainably grown wood from Norway would result in a huge carbon footprint that just contradicts your whole movement. Instead, use good quality materials for your homes! In building The Sixth Collection, Sevens Group put a conscious effort to pick quality materials for your home to ensure you wouldn’t have to keep replacing it in the future. 

Remember, the more resources you have to ‘replace’ as your house ages, the higher the carbon footprint will be.

Blow Wind Blow!

Doors and windows are essential in a good green home. Of course, it differs from country to country! In Europe, houses are built with a focus to keep the heat in. Can you imagine the oven you’ll be living in if we built our houses the same way in Singapore? Here, we try our best to keep the heat away as much as possible. There are two ways to go about this: either generate your own electricity via solar panels or start living the air conditioner free life. 

Sustainable Living Practices - Solar Panels

Solar panels are getting increasingly popular among high-income Singaporeans between the ages of 30-39 years old. Many have said that it was a key feature to have when buying a sustainable home. The Singapore government has also been implementing more solar panels on top of more than 2000 HDB blocks with even more in progress. When using the air conditioner powered by renewable energy, be sure to have air-tight seals on your doors and windows to prevent any cool air leakages. Global warming is a serious problem but I don’t think literally cooling the outside air will solve it!

There are other ways to cool down other than having air conditioners. The first option is of course by using fans to cool us down. The second option is to have careful positioning of windows and doors to allow unobstructed wind flow that keeps the home liveable. That was how it was traditionally when air conditioners weren’t the norm yet. The Sixth Collection has floor to ceiling windows on the ground floor for you to enjoy the good views of the pool and to enjoy maximum wind flow. Who says traditional sustainable practices can’t fit in modern homes?

Home Made Food

Next, plant a simple backyard garden! Nothing too fancy, perhaps some tomatoes and basil to begin with. Growing plants is always a good idea for the environment – be it for food harvesting purposes or for aesthetic purposes. Additionally, gardening is educational and develops new skills such as responsibility. It also boosts self-confidence and instills a sense of achievement as you see your flowers bloom and fruits ripen. 

Sustainable Living Practices - Home Garden

By growing your own garden, you get to decide what goes in your soil. This means you can reduce the amount of harmful chemicals that pollute the environment. On top of that, you’ll be doing yourself and your family a favor by having much fresher fruits and vegetables on the dining table. 

The Singapore government has been encouraging this idea by providing households with free packets of seeds to grow their own vegetables at home. If it’s good enough for the government to invest money in, it’s good enough for us! The Sixth Collection offers plenty of space for gardening, from the backyard to one of the three outdoor patios. 


Let There be Light

No one should be competing to find out who has the brightest house. Turn off your lights in the day, open your curtains and let good old natural sunlight bathe your home! Take advantage of this natural beauty as it gives your home an expansive and elegant ambiance that no amount of money can give you. Stylish yet sustainable, the mark of a 21st-century luxury home. 

Sustainable Living Practices - Double Void Ceilings

Most modern landed properties today have large windows. Double void ceilings are practically the mark of a modern luxury home today. Each of The Sixth Collection homes is designed with floor to ceiling windows on the ground floor and double void ceilings for maximum natural light.

Who says you can’t incorporate sustainable living practices into lovely modern homes!

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