Project HighlightsThe Best of Modern Luxury Homes

November 20, 2020by sevens

Bukit Timah has long been associated with luxury and elegance. The crème de la crème of residences in Singapore, if you will. Many Singaporeans just dream of having a modern luxury home in the grand district 10.

The Sixth Collection presents Sevens Group’s first step into Bukit Timah, with many renowned landed property projects in the East under our belt. Our homes have been thoughtfully designed to suit the needs of every generation without sacrificing their contemporary look. The Sixth Collection is no different from our past projects. With its unique modern design, The Sixth Collection fits in District 10 like the perfect puzzle piece. 

Curved stiletto column

The stiletto is often hailed as an icon for lusciousness. True to its name, the curved stiletto column embodies this trait with its sensual meandering structure. This piece of art makes it a contemporary masterpiece that makes The Sixth Collection the pinnacle of modern luxury living. 

This column supports the sleek cantilevered roof terrace. As the sun goes down, the column will be illuminated dramatically, making it a key focal point. After a long day, imagine yourself sitting by the pool while enjoying the breathtaking view of this magnificent gem. Isn’t that a dream? 

Roof patio

Be greeted by not one, not two, but three spacious roof terraces that have been built in each unit of The Sixth Collection. Most of these roof patios are accessible via the common spaces of the house. But not to worry! There’s a roof patio specially reserved that is only accessible via the master bedroom, giving you the right amount of privacy in this humble abode. 

These roof patios are specially designed with you and your loved ones in mind. You’ll be able to enjoy the great outdoors while staying protected in your own home. From stargazing to having a BBQ party with friends and family, these outdoor terraces will be your own personal getaway space, giving you the freedom to do anything you like and need.

Lap pools

A common feature in all The Sixth Collection houses is the lap pools. Not only do these pools let you cool off in Singapore’s hot all-year-round weather, but they’re also great at keeping you fit! Also, you no longer have to worry about party entertainment for the kids! Just get them in their swimsuits and let them have a splashing good time.

Each of these lap pools spans almost the entire length of their respective houses. It overflows from the living areas, presenting tranquil sights from the living and dining areas, and kitchens. Nothing is more luxurious than lounging in your pool, after a long day in the office.


Apart from being a trendy addition, for many people, a mezzanine floor is a great way to create an extension to the living space or add an extra room. Even though it’s getting increasingly popular, it’s rare to find homes with mezzanines. Unless you have a permit to build it, a mezzanine is considered illegal in Singapore. There are so many considerations to think about before the approval of your permit and most are denied. Furthermore, if you build it without a permit, you could be slapped with a hefty fine! So when you find a home with one, you know it’s a keeper! Don’t worry, The Sixth Collections’ mezzanines are completely legal!

These extra mini floors are perfect for a private family room, games room, or a reading nook! While this extra floor takes away a tiny bit of the vastness of the high ceiling, it gives the home a more cozy feel.

Double Void Ceilings

Double void ceilings are practically the mark of a modern luxury home and landed property today. The mezzanine floor gives The Sixth Collection houses double void ceilings in the living room, allowing you to bask your home in natural sunlight. On top of natural sunlight, it gives your home an expansive and elegant ambiance. As a bonus point: save electricity and let the light illuminate your home in the day! Stylish yet sustainable, these are the marks of a 21st century home. The 5.6m high ceilings give rise to high walls, which means plenty of wall space. From artworks and family portraits to water features, these high walls will definitely turn heads. The limit does not exist when it comes to designing the high walls and ceilings! Check out our post for some ideas you can use to decorate this space.

Looking for your dream home? Check out our new launch, The Sixth Collection, and contact our Developer Sales Team today! Your perfect home is just a click away.